The Benefits of Dance Education for Young People

By Linda Jamieson

Dancing can enhance the lives of youngsters in a number of ways. Linda Jamieson, founder of the Linda Jamieson School of Dance, offers five great reasons to send your children to dance class.

1. Dance education motivates and energizes children. Dance can assist in the physical development of a child by improving coordination and muscle tone. Dance can be considedred a cardiovascular activity, and it helps ward off childhood obesity by improving strength, balance, and control.

2. Dance boosts self-esteem. It can help a child develop self-confidence by eliminating the fear of performing in front of others. Dance also helps young people build strong and healthy relationships in which they appreciate and applaud the accomplishments of their peers and classmates.

3. Dance helps students reach their full potential. Dance develops self-discipline and focus, traits that can assist a child in other areas such as academics, athletics, and related artistic endeavors.

4. Dance unleashes the artist within. Dance fosters creativity, provides an opportunity for self-expression, and enables students to become artists.

5. Dance builds teamwork. All dance productions, whether professional or recreational, require many dancers to work together on choreographed ensembles. These works portray themes, motifs, and story lines that entertain audiences at annual recitals, musical theater productions, and full-length classical ballet productions.

About the Author:

The Linda Jamieson School of Dance has been providing dance instruction to youth for more than 30 years.


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