Using Different Schools of Dance for Exercise

Linda Jamieson serves as director and choreographer at the Linda Jamieson School of Dance, an organization grooming young performance artists from Canada as well as nearly 50 other countries around the world. Dancers at the Linda Jamieson School of Dance have been recognized with a number of awards and include 15 Teen Dancer of the Year winners and runners-up since 2009.
The art of dance is a great way to stay in shape. There are numerous schools of dance, and each school benefits the body in a different way. Traditional ballroom dancing is not often thought of alongside modern hip hop and Zumba as an overly athletic activity, but improved body alignment and better posture are just a few of the benefits provided by ballroom dancing. Salsa dancing, on the other hand, offers a more intense workout based on a simple three-step move. The hips and stomach receive good exercise during salsa routines, and extended performances offer a great cardio option. Finally, ballet is a more skillful pursuit that enhances balance and flexibility to such a degree as to help prevent injuries that can be incurred during everyday activities.



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