An Introduction to Performance Dance

Performance Dance pic

Performance Dance

The Linda Jamieson School of Dance is a Royal Academy of Dance studio located in Ottawa, Ontario. Each year, the Linda Jamieson School of Dance produces a number of high-quality dance performances, including works of classical ballet like The Nutcracker.

Performance dance, also known as concert dance, encompasses an array of dance styles that are traditionally performed before a live audience. Performance dance styles include belly dancing, hip hop, and ballet. Sub-styles of performance dance, meanwhile, include lyrical and contemporary.

The different styles of performance dance can vary greatly. For example, classical ballet is often associated with narrative performances such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Hip hop dancing, by comparison, can range from highly choreographed team dances to individual free-style and break dancing.

Tap and jazz are further examples of popular performance dance styles. Like ballet and hip hop, both tap and jazz involve dance routines set to a musical score or soundtrack. Dance studios that offer classes in performance dance typically cover multiple styles of dance.


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