Three Benefits of Dance Instruction for Children

Performance Dance pic

Performance Dance

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, the Linda Jamieson School of Dance is a recognized leader in dance instruction. Led by renowned dancer and choreographer Linda Jamieson, the school is open to students as young as 3 years old.

While dance is valuable at every stage of life, it can be especially helpful for young students. Children who participate in dance classes reap many benefits, including:

Improved physical health. Dancing is a total body fitness activity. It can help children improve their coordination, balance, and range of motion, all of which are important during formative years. Just as importantly, dancing is fun and encourages children to love staying active.

Opportunities for self-expression and emotional growth. Dance is an inherently expressive art form, and it can help kids learn to channel their emotions into a positive activity. As students build confidence, dancing can also help them bolster their self-esteem.

A sense of discipline. Success in dance requires practice and dedication. Students who participate in dance lessons must learn to be focused. Consequently, they tend to perform better in math and science than their non-dancing peers. Dancers also achiever higher average SAT scores than their peers.


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